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American Apparel For Dummies

UndiesEver since this LA fashion clothier came to Carytown a few years back, I’ve been curious and intrigued by their mix of simplistic t-shirts, hoodies, silver lamai jackets, and brightly colored underwear.  When I walk into American Apparel, I feel intimidated by so much cool.  It’s overwhelming – you can hardly tell that the men’s clothing is to the left and the women’s is to the right because somewhere in between, there is a whole bunch of unisex…and K-9 jackets.  It’s all just a bit hipster.

The employees even exude a too-cool-for-school attitude with sparkly leggings, slim figures, and sweatbands.  Although something about all the neon dayglo feels like a throwback to an 80s workout video, I still find myself tempted.  Today, I gave into that temptation.  Honestly, I just wanted some cute underwear.

After circling around the store in a fit of indecisiveness, I finally gave in and asked a girl if she worked there – I assumed so since she was robotically folding clothes and doing an incredible job sorting them by colors.  I think back to when I worked at Blockbuster and became a master at the alphabet and movie genres.  Much in the same vein, these employees have mastered the spectrum.  I was looking for ringer tees and I was informed that the “2410s” had been shipped out last week.  Apparently, they are also so cool that they speak in a secret code.

Four pairs of Crayola-colored undies, a purple polo, and one teal t-shirt later, I can now be cool too.  I tried on both the polo and t-shirt and was pleased with the fit.  Friends have told me that their clothes hold up incredibly well, so $24 for a t-shirt seemed like a fair investment when I think about my last splurge on 7 Jeans.

Somehow, I feel okay giving my money over to American Apparel – a very socially conscious company that believes in taking care of its workers by not outsourcing and paying them a fair wage.  The company also makes significant contributions to the communities that it serves, so kudos to them.

So next time you see me, just ask and maybe I’ll show you my hot pink briefs.  


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