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Bar-B-Cuban at Kuba Kuba


It was only time before Kuba Kuba moved from master of their domain to take down another Richmond empire – barbecue!

I never liked pork until Kuba Kuba.  Pepperoni and bacon are one thing, but simply pork in its other white-meat glory?  No way.  But then, one taste from my friend’s Kuban Roasted Pork and it quickly became one of my favorite meals in Richmond.  It’s tender, it falls apart, and it’s flavorful without any added hoopla.  It’s not the  dried up pork chop or overcooked pork shoulder that grandma used to make.  I mean, can you blame her?  She wanted to make sure the meat was done?  It was done!

But sorry grandma, at Kuba Kuba, the pork’s not well done.  It’s done right.  And now, they’ve taken those delicious morsels of slowly roasted pork and chalked up their specials board with the “Bar-B-Cuban.”  Their twist, served on Cuban bread, features a guava barbecue sauce and a carrot-ginger coleslaw.   The coleslaw provided a nice crunch and a pleasant after-note complimenting the fruitiness of the zippy sauce that didn’t take away from the flavor of the roasted pork.  Although the sandwich wasn’t drowning in sauce, there was one disappointment in the cardinal sin of soggy bread!

The tostones made that all okay.  Playing second banana to the bodega’s entrees, these salty smashed slices of deep-fried plantains are always worthy of ordering an extra side.

Kuba Kuba knows what they do best.  While nothing compares to the comfortable simplicity that is the Kuban Roasted Pork,  it’s nice to step outside the box every once in a while.


Monument Avenue 10K Is OK

This guy finished first at 28 minutes, 38 seconds.  Image from Sports Backers Website.I was the fat kid that could barely do a 15-minute mile in gym class. After losing 135 lbs. a couple years ago, I have decided to push myself physically. Back then, I could never have seen myself running a 10-minute mile, much less enjoying it. Today, running the Monument Avenue 10K, I can say that my first race was a phenominal experience.

During registration, you write your estimated time of completion to determine your start time. One hour, thirty minutes seemed like a safe bet. I began training a few nights a week on the treadmill and shortly worked myself up to 5K each session. Last week, I did a test run for endurance. My one attempt to train outside became too fussy with traffic –  thus learning, in the future, I should go to a park. With my lack of outdoor running, I was curious to find the outcome on race day.

This morning, portapotties lined Broad Street and so did the racers waiting to use them. Each participant received a bib including a number that corresponds with their start wave. I was in the “P” wave which had about 2,400 runners – the amount of people that registered for the entire race during it’s first year in 2000. Since then, the 10K has grown to 31,000 registrants and received a boost this year as a US Men’s 10K Championship Race.

The rush at the start of the race was exhilarating. Moving from Broad Street and taking a detour through Lombardy to get to Monument began a scene of live performers and spectators cheering on friends and family.  When I arrived at mile-marker one, I thought to myself, “Is this all I have ran?”  It was going to be a long 6.2 miles.  My goal was simply to complete the course at a running pace.  I didn’t have a specific time goal, but the competitive nature of the event helped keep me motivated.  Avoiding tripping over paper cups at the water stations also proved challenging for a person as generally clumsy as myself.  Running in the rain added to all of this excitement.

To add some quirkiness to the 10K mix, participants were encouraged to dress in costume.  For most of the duration of the race I ran with the X-Men, which was pretty rad.  I don’t think I could run with a wig on like Storm did, then again, there’s always next year.

I ended up passing the finish line at one hour, seven minutes, and fifteen seconds.  Not bad at all for the first go round.  Even after a bruised toe, sore nipples, a few muscle cramps, and some other select chaffing, it was totally worth it.  Next up, a marathon.

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